Asahi Shimbun has long deceived the world with fabricated articles on the comfort women issue.

Asahi Shimbun has long deceived the world with fabricated articles on the comfort women issue.

Asahi Shimbun has been an obedient dog for the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers since the end of World War II. Even when the Allied Powers left Japan, Asahi's determination to accuse Japan with their fabricated newspaper articles based on propaganda which had been promoted by Kuomintang didn't change at all.

What is important here is that MacArthur, Supreme Commander of Allied Powers ("SCAP") had subordinates who were greatly influenced by Stalin. Those American communists controlled Japan politics unfortunately. The tragedy for Japan was that SCAP MacArthur was not aware that the government of the United States of America was influenced by Stalin too. 

When he was fired by Truman, it was too late for him to save Japan from the influence of American communists. They brought up Japanese communists in order to deny what Japan did during the war time by believing propaganda produced by Kuomintang. The first president of South Korea jumped on the bandwagon to accuse Japan for the annexation of Korea to Japan through fabricating terrible stories that Japanese soldiers killed many Korean civilians. 

Asahi Shimbun cooperated with Kuomintang (later the Chinese Communist Party), the Soviet Union, South Korea and Japanese communists who were brought up by MacArthur's subordinates, thereby having accused Japan continuously until now.

I understand that some Japanese patriots want to accuse the US for what they did during the occupation of Japan after the end of World War II. Even now they have misgivings about the US. 

Let's look at the other side of the US. Now so many American conservatives and patriots have been realizing that the US had been under control of communists.

Thanks to Barack Obama, who is obviously a communist, many American citizens have started to realize that the US is in a quite dangerous situation. Obama is very similar to former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama ("Pigeon"), who tried to destroy Japan on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party ("CCP") by believing dirty propaganda produced by CCP. Obama has also tried to destroy the US for communists. Both of them are traitors.

I sympathize with American citizens because Obama is still controlling politics of the US whereas Pigeon has become a lame duck in Japan.

Let me get back to the key point. We mustn't to look at only the dark side of the US. The US is trying to change, and many conservative/patriot American citizens have been campaigning to get back the US as Premier Abe said, "Let's get back Japan". 

Not only Japan but also the US are contaminated by so many communists. The situations in Japan and the US are quite similar. Both countries have red media companies. New York Times for example which has cooperated with Asahi Shimbun is an anti-US media company. Many reporters of New York Times are communists who want to destroy the US.

The US is an important ally for Japan, provided, however, that the conservative/patriot Americans should have the hegemony in American politics.  We, Japanese conservatives/patriots, should cooperate with American conservatives/patriots. 

They can understand what American communists did for Japan after the end of World War II. They don't have enough information. We should let them know that American communists were manipulated by Stalin communists with tons of documents. 

Through the YouTube video broadcasting which I will start soon, I intend to talk to American conservatives to gain understanding from them that Japan and the US are in the same boat fighting against communists who have nearly ruined Japan and the US.